The most excellent drones to buy and why they are the best

If you want to buy a drone, you may not know where to begin. Do you know the drones that are available in the market are known as multirotor? Yes, but many people continue to call them drones since it is easier to say. There is also a quadcopter, which is a type of multirotor that has four rotors. When you look for drones for the first time, you may not understand everything about the terms used in the drone industry.

Types of drones that you want

When you want to buy a drone, you will not want to pick just any drone.  The drones are found in three different types.  Each model has its own value, ease of use, quality and features.  Each person will be looking for a drone to fill their particular needs, and this is why they may choose one drone over another. The types of drones are camera drones, toy drones and FPV/racing drones.

Drone with a camera

This is the type of drone that is most widely known. Drones are normally ready to use quadcopters with stabilized cameras used for shooting video or stills. The drone with a camera can be used in many industries like agriculture, search and rescue, and video production.  Many people will buy a camera drone for different reasons.  One of these reasons is to explore the world with new eyes while experiencing what flying means and capturing memories in a new way, which is a good reason to buy a camera drone.

List of camera drones

The following is a catalog of the mainly admired camera drones that you can find in the market now, and some of the best drones are at the top of the list. You should note that the pricing can change at any time.

Camera drones

Model Name Current Price at the market A Camera Type Drone
Yuneec Typhoon H 4K 1199$ same
DJI Inspire 1 929$ same
Parrot Bebop 399$ same
3DR Solo 999$ same
DJI Phantom 4 2899$ same
Yuneec Q500 4K 1399$ same
DJI Phantom 3 499$ same


1 DJI Phantom 4 PRO

This is by far the most innovative drone in the market. It is capable of flying at fast speeds and it is reliable. It is equipped with live video streaming in HD, and it is easy to set up and install. Its main feature is its 3D camera with computer hardware that is used to map the environment using three dimensional space.  It is capable of avoiding obstacles and maneuvering near them.

2 DJI Phantom 3 Series

This is an easy to fly drone, and it offers high video quality and many features.  This drone can be used by any person, even beginners. The drone has good flight characteristics with a built-in flight simulator that makes it easy to fly even for a learner.

Four models in Phantom 3 that you may choose from

The Phantom 3 is found in 4 different models. The Phantom 3 Professional is standard with GPS waypoints, follow me and point of interest, ultrasonic sensors, optical flow, 20 minute flight time and 4K video recording.  Other models are 3 Advanced, Phantom 3 Standard and Phantom 3 4K.

3 DJI Inspire 1-alongwith 4K- Raw Video


This drone looks as if it comes from a sci-fi movie, and it is a professional drone that anyone can buy.  It is an advanced quadcopter. It comes with the standard features of a Phantom 3 Professional, but it has a cooler and higher quality design that flies at greater heights.  It has a transforming design so that the propellers cannot be seen in its video recordings, and it is also fitted with 360 degree panning.

4 Yuneec Typhoon H


This is not as well known a company as DJI.  However, at the same time it competes well with it. Typhoon H is now a competitor to the Phantom 4, and just like the Phantom 4, it has a 20 minute flight time and obstacle avoidance with decent video quality. The two competitors are both in one price range.  It comes with many interesting features, and it can fly really well. The drone has 6 rotors, so it can fly smoothly even if a motor fails. It can also handle the wind.

5 Yuneec-Q500 (4K)


This is an old model of Yuneec, and it can shoot 4K video like the Typhoon H and Phantom 4. Even if it may look like a pool vacuum cleaner, it comes with the best features for its price.  The camera can be removed to be used as a handheld camera.

6 3DR Solo  


This is the 3D Robotic Solo, and it is both functional and easy to use. It comes with many features that are found with the Phantom 3.  However, it does not use a built-in camera but a Go Pro Hero 4.  It means that the camera can be taken off.

7 Parrot Bebop


This is a drone with the latest technology that can be found at a good price now. It is faster, smarter and smaller than most drones, but it is also expensive.

Racing Drone

This is the drone for you if you like freestyle flying and racing. It is a super addictive, fast paced and intense flying drone.  Racing drones look like race cars.  This type of drone offers real sport and real competition, and they are prized items that are taking over the world.

Model Name Current Price at the Market Drone type
Lumenier QAV250 539$ Racing
TBS Vendetta 499$ Racing
IRC Vortex 285 329$ Racing
Eachine Racer 250 RTF 359$ Racing
IRC Vortex 250 Pro 499$ Racing


1 TBS Vendetta


This is a small quadcopter that has been designed for first person view, or FPV, freestyle flying and racing.  There are many racing drones that can start to fly at once. However, it does not come with video goggles, batteries or a controller.

2 Immersion (RC Vortex)250 Pro


This is another ready to fly drone, and it competes directly with the TBS Vendetta.  It is small but heavier than you might think. It has two bladed propellers and not three as is on the Vendetta. Two bladed props can be efficient, but the 3 bladed props have additional power as well as offer crisper flight characteristics.  You may change the props on the quadcopter if you wish, but the flight controller has to be returned.

3 Immersion- (RC Vortex 285)


This is another drone developed by Immersion-RC. It is normally among the top ready to fly FPV racing drones, and it came into the market in 2015.  It is still relevant in the market right now because of its features and price.   It has the same firmware as the Vortex 250 Pro; however, its hardware is slower and will not be as responsive.  It continues to be a precise machine that matches the performance of many custom racing drones in the market.

4 Lumenier-QA(V250)


This quadcopter has been designed for freestyle flying or FPV racing.  It is a frame which is sold from Lumenier, and people may choose to add some electronics on it.  There is a ready to fly version that has electronics that have been installed in it if you would like to pay more.  It is a hobbyist multirotor that has high quality components and parts while at the same time they are customizable and made by different companies.

5 Eachine Racer-250

This is a drone which has a great looking exterior. It looks small, but it can be fast. It has everything needed for FPV racing like FPV gear, batteries, a charger and a controller.  You get everything at a low price. However, they do not look like the typical drone.

Toy Drone

Toy drones are simple but very fun.

The drones that are included in this list are fun and simple toys. They make good gifts, and they may entertain you while you are researching the more functional drones that you may wish to own.

It is advised to first buy this kind of drone and learn how to fly it first before getting a high end drone. However, this is not always the case. This is because this type of drone does not have the sensors or GPS that will keep them in just one spot.


Model Name Current Price at the Market Type of the drone
Blade Nano QX 74$ Toy
Hubsan X4 34$ Toy
Syma X5C 44$ Toy
Parrot AR Drone 2 250$ Toy
LaTrax Alias 97$ Toy


1 Syma- (X5C )


This drone is nothing special, but it is a simple quadcopter which looks like the DJI Phantom. However, you cannot take good aerial videos using it or race it in a forest.  It uses accelerometers and gyros in order to keep it in one place, and it has an auto flip feature that works like any other drone in the market.  It has a small camera that can record video, and it works as a webcam as well.

2 Hubsan-X4


This is a beginner drone, and it is the same size as the Nano QX but is half the price.  It is found in 4 different versions.  It is the cheapest option, and it does not include the agility mode that the Nano QX has. It is not possible to fly it in all different ways using the manual options, but it is maneuverable and fast.  It comes with 6 LED lights, and it can be turned on or off using its controller.  The controller can be used for 3 cheaper Hubsan models, and it is nice.

3 Blade-Nano (QX)


This looks like the LaTrax Alias, but it is smaller. It is a few inches smaller than the Alias, but it comes with a level of Yaw authority that is better compared to the Tiny Proto X. It uses two flight modes, agility and stability. In its agility mode, you will have full control of the quadcopter so that you can learn to fly it manually. In the stability mode, it levels itself automatically when you are not using the controls. It does not have the auto flipping function that the Alias has.

4 LaTrax (Alias)


This is the drone for you in case you would like to learn how to fly a quadcopter manually. It is the best way that you can begin. The reason why it is the best quadcopter to use while learning is because it runs on full manual mode during flight, and it is durable.  You are able to learn how to fly, and you will not have to worry much about crashing.  It is 7 inches wide, and it comes with big propellers and better yaw authority.

5 Parrot-AR (Drone2.0)


When this drone first came out, it was one of the coolest drones that you could find. It uses a 1GHz 32 bit processor, magnetometers, accelerometers, gyros and 1 GB for its RAM.  It has 2 cameras as well as an ultrasonic sensor and a pressure sensor. Even if it has been on the market for 2 years now, it is still the best quadcopter that you can buy in its price range.

6 Proto-X

This is among the smallest drones that you can find around. It uses 3 Accelerometers, 3 gyros and a 4 motor-speed controller with a radio receiver that is installed in a small PCB board that is just the size of a quarter. This is cheapest quadcopter you can find in the market.  It is faster and small. The rotors are also small, so they end up closing together. It is a bit harder to do the bank turns. Because it is cheap, you may end up buying a defective drone, but you may return it and get one that works.

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